Skins Editor for Minecraft PE (3D)

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Skins Editor for Minecraft PE (3D) açıklaması

Create the most beautiful skins and play with them in Minecraft!
Create a skin is much easier with this free application. For the ultimate in easy editing, you can scale and rotate any part as you want.
If you have incorrectly drawn the skin, it is always possible to cancel your actions.
Choose the part of the skin that you want to edit. In addition, the editor supports two layers of skins version 1.8 of Minecraft, which allows you to add the details of the relief of your skin.
You can select any skin from the gallery and edit or simply change the eyes :)
Do not forget that you can add any skin to your collection if you're tired or edit you need to leave, you just save the skin and continue later.
When editing open the shutter on the right to see the full skin and see what changes have you done!
- 3D Editor
- All the parts can be edited individually
- Paint bucket for quick Bay
- Tool "Cancel"
- Ability to take the skins from the gallery
- Private collection of skins (skins Keep in applications to simply save or edit later)
- 3D view when editing
This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines

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